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decobelleKristen's Books

Dance Like a DecoBelle | Perfectly Revolting: My Glamorous Cartooning Career | The Reason She Left and Other Stories | The Souls of Her Feet (novel ~ musical ~ musical novel) | (More books ~ The Bullying Antidote, On the Wings of Self-Esteem)

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Dave's Books

Entropical Paradise collections are now available!

2016: In a Stephen King League | 2015: The Gift of Consistency | 2008: That's Kind Of Interesting

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Fiestaware card | Holiday cards | Hysterectomy card | Miss You card | Ostrich Wedding (L) (G) | Relax cards | Sky relaxUterus card | Xmas cards


Men of Mills College | Relax poster | Renaissance Woman


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How to Microphone | Homemade Hybrid sticker | Ego Sum | Emily Egg Paper Doll | Sammy Sperm Paper Doll | Sammy Sperm's Guide to Safe Sex | Relax mug | Men of Mills College Tote | Frog choir mug | Joaqin Miller song

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