The Backwards Story of Little Pig Productions.

Chapter One

Dave drew a pig because there were already cartoon cats, dogs, and most other farm animals.

Dave got famous for drawing this pig. "Hey Dave, draw me a pig," his friends and acquaintances would say.

Dave was popular and everyone wanted to be like him because he could draw a pig.

Dave drew a pig for Kristen. Kristen drew a funny rabbit.


Chapter Two

Dave asked Kristen to marry him.

Kristen got a computer.

Kristen sent a letter to the Hometown Newspaper to tell them the news.

KRISTEN: "Our lives are so boring. You work in a warehouse and I'm a temp. All these other people in the wedding pages graduated from MIT and found a cure for cancer."

DAVE: "Tell them we've just finished our third opera."

KRISTEN: "I should put in on some sort of letterhead to make it look official."

DAVE: "I can draw a pig."

KRISTEN: "What shall we call ourselves? Big Pig or Little Pig?"

DAVE: "Little. At this point, very little."


Chapter Three

After that it was all downhill.

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