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coverDance Like a DecoBelle
The first in a series of guides to life as a dancing Deco dame

by Kristen Caven

The DecoBelles are an organized dance troupe that was formed 25 years ago to preserve, explore and enjoy the tradition of bathing beauties, femmes fatales, pin-ups and chorus girls that forcefully shaped twentieth-century culture.

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The Souls of Her Feet
(a novel cinderella) AND/OR (a musical cinderella)

by Kristen Caven

What if Cinderella didn’t have dainty little feet? What if Cinderella’s fairy godmother was kind of a drag? What if Cinderella actually found her voice?

Meet Ashley St. Helens, whose “fairytale life” is a rollercoaster of teenage emotion, but love helps her escape her dysfunctional 21st century family.

Available in three different versions based on the musical.

perfectly revoltingPerfectly Revolting:
My Glamorous Cartooning Career

by Kristen (Baumgardner) Caven

This unique memoir weaves the story of a personal revolution—set against the backdrop of the 1990 Mills Student Strike—through the collected cartoons of one free-thinking (and very funny) woman.

""I nearly blew tea through my nose this morning thanks to your book!"

The Reason She Left and Other Stories

The sequel to Perfectly Revolting, this graphic novel contains 8 stories, including a 30-page odyssey about a young woman trying to find wholeness in a dualistic universe.

"It's awesome, and so different from anything I've ever read!"

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